About Us

BoomVapour is based out of Vancouver, BC.

A bit of history:

Long short, we were not happy with existing e-cig vendors so we did it ourself.  This seems to be a common theme amongst the few good vendors we’ve found.

Crafting e-liquids is not at all rocket science, but there is certainly something to be said for attention to detail and careful sourcing.
We’ve been vaping for as long as vaping has been around.  When e-cigs first became available, they were, like all new technologies, very expensive and didn’t work very well.  As time rolled on, the technology matured quickly.  Vapour production and battery life increased while hardware became more robust and an explosion of really excellent flavours became available.  The problem however, is that the market did not keep up with the technology or economics.

We spent years looking for better hardware and e-liquids at a reasonable price.  Occasionally a vendor would pop up who provided a few good hardware options, but they provided too many junk options as well, so it required a tonne of research (and money) on our behalf to find what worked best.  Other vendors would have a few really excellent e-liquids, but for every good flavour you bought, you’d have to buy 10 others that didn’t vape properly or tasted awful.
We got fed up and started sourcing hardware and e-liquid supplies directly from manufacturers, for personal use.  It became immediately apparent that this was no simple task as there are thousands of manufacturers and most of them are producing knock-offs of already junk products.  After a year or so of sourcing we’d found a few manufacturers who provided high quality hardware and liquid supplies.  We gave away samples of our hardware and e-liquids to friends and family and the response was very positive so we decided it was time to get into business.

The other big driving factor in our decision to go into business was cost.  E-cigs traditionally start at $100 for a kit usually containing the lowest grade of hardware available.  These kits are advertised to us 40 times a day for between $5 and $15, and other vendors turn around and mark these same kits up to $100.  This to us, is not good business.  We decided early on that we would only sell products we ourselves wanted to use on a daily basis.  When we looked at the numbers, we decided that there is no market in hardware as you only buy hardware once.  The business is in consumables (thanks HP) but the business does not exist until people have hardware with which they are happy.  Because of this, we decided it would make the most sense to sell the hardware at cost (usually between $25 and $35) and try to make our money back on e-liquid.