Bulk Orders/Resellers

BoomVapour is pleased to offer discounted pricing to resellers and for group purchases.   As our list price for hardware is within 0-3% our cost, we cannot offer discounted pricing on most hardware (though we may be able to swing something for core replacements which do have a small mark up).  We are able to offer a significant discount however, on all e-liquid.  A bulk order is typically considered >$1000 USD.


Interested in becoming a reseller or affiliate distributor?


We whole heartedly encourage reselling of our products.  This said however, there are some caveats by which we hope our resellers abide (though we know enforcement is tedious at best).  First, we ask that you not re-brand our products.  Our hardware design was commissioned by us alone and it took a tonne of work to get it to the point it is at now and our e-liquid is our only profitable product and we’d like to build a brand around it.  The stronger the brand, the better it sells.  Introducing our products under another brand decreases the value of your business and while it doesn’t hurt our brand, neither does it help ours grow.  Second, we ask that our resellers offer the same warranty policy to their customers, as we offer to ours.  Again, this is about brand trust.  We want our customers to know that if their hardware doesn’t do the job for any reason, we’ll make it right either with replacements or refund.  Same goes with our e-liquids.  While we know our juice to be superior to most of the competition, accidents happen, mixers make mistakes, nicotine oxidises over time, and all contribute to a poor vaping experience.  For us, the entire business is about enabling a shift away from Tobacco (and hopefully making a modest living while doing so).

That said, if you really want to re-brand, we’re cool with that.  We won’t be able to offer as strong a base discount, though this can perhaps be made up by ordering significantly larger quantities.

For inquiries regarding reselling our products, please emails us at resellers@boomvapour.com


Want to be a distributor?

We are actively looking for affiliate distributors in the US.  Affiliate distributors are provided a full compliment of hardware and e-liquid supplies stock and are responsible for fulfilling orders in their geographic region.  All e-liquid products are made on site at each distributorship on the day an order is received and must be shipped within 24 hours.  We typically offer compensation by piecework.  Piecework compensation allows us to bring online a large number of affiliate distributors, with a low initial investment to us and zero monetary investment by our affiliate.  This opens up the possibility of affiliate distributorships to a much wider audience which we think works well for everyone involved.  More distributorships = better geographical coverage = increased brand strength = increased customer interest = more income.

If you are interested in learning more, please fire us an email to distributors@boomvapour.com