Payment options

We’re working hard to bring up as many payment options as possible.

We currently accept Email money transfer, COD and Bitcoin.  Paypal is no longer available due to changes in their TOS.  We’re working on a replacement.  If you know of a friendly payment processor, let us know and we’ll send you free stuff!


  • PayPal – :(  Paypal has recently changed their Terms of Service.  Due to these changes, we are not currently able to accept Paypal payments directly through our site.  You may however, choose the COD option and manually remit payment to us through the Paypal website.  Please send funds to .
  • Email money transfer – Works like normal.  Send the total amount to .
  • COD – Choose this option at checkout if paying by email money transfer or by Paypal.
  • Bitcoin – After clicking through the checkout and selecting “Bitcoin” as the payment option, you will be presented with the total amount (in BTC) based on current weighted exchange rate against USD, as well as a randomized bitcoin address to send your funds to.  We’ve also included a QR code for those of you using the Bitcoin Wallet app for Android (got to “send funds” and choose “QR” and scan the displayed code.  Need help getting setup with Bitcoins?  Click here to see our Bitcoin FAQ.