Herbal vapourizer


Simple herbal vapourizer.  Add some “herb” to the ceramic chamber, screw on the filter chamber and stick the rubber mouth piece on and your’e ready for the Internet party.

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Product Description

Package contains one herbal vapourizer (ceramic heating chamber, filter, and rubber mouth piece) as well as a cleaning tool.  This will vapourize most plant based material without attaining ignition temperature, thus significantly decreasing the amount of carcinogens and tar released.


  1. Unscrew the heating chamber from the filter.
  2. Add your “herbs” to the chamber (finely ground).
  3. Screw the filter back on to the chamber and install the mouth piece.
  4. Attach the vapourizer to your battery.
  5. Pre-heat the chamber by holding the button for 5-10 seconds.  At this point it should start vapourizing your “herbs”.  You’ll know it is ready when you see a bit of vapour coming out the mouth piece.
  6. Release the power button and take a drag.  The coil is fairly large and will continue producing vapour for about 5 seconds after releasing the power button.

Please note that you will need an ego-c compatible battery (sold separately).

Sorry, this item is available in black only.  We’ll bring in more colours if they sell.



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