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Ego-C VV – Liquidiation

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A variable voltage, Ego-C battery.  900mAh capacity, 3.1-3.7-4.1V.


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Product Description


Ego-C/Ego-T/510 compatible, Variable voltage (3.2V-RED/3.7V-PURPLE/4.2V-BLUE),  LED ring colour indicator.

Switch voltage by clicking 5 times.

Note for customers:

If you have had one of these batteries fail on you within 60 days from purchase, we will happily replace it with either our new Ego-C battery, or any other battery of roughly equal value.  We offer our apologies to those of you who got a battery from the last batch, and we’ll absolutely make it right.

These are being liquidated for two reasons.
1. Due to advances in atomizer design, variable voltage is no longer necessary for most people.
2. Quality control issues, which we’ll now explain in detail.

Quality Control is number one.

We at take quality and durability very seriously.  We spent most of a year sourcing a battery manufacturer who’s product met our expectations. Unfortunately, our manufacturer messed up and won’t take responsibility, thus putting us in the awkward and expensive position, or honouring our customers warranty, while the manufacturer won’t honour ours.  This is too expensive and time consuming and we’ve got more important things to do (like sell our new, more durable batteries).

The technical deets:

Something in manufacturing changed.  Either they changed the glue or the assembly process.  The end result is that the atomizer mount component isn’t as secure in the battery as we like.  Customers tend to forget about their e-cig in a pocket when they sit down, and voila, we have to eat the cost of honouring the warranty.
The fix is extremely simple of course, and we even did it for a while.  Pre-break the atomizer connection and glue it properly.  We just don’t have the time or manpower to do this for the entire inventory.  Once they’ve been re-glued, they work great.  Call this our loss and your gain.
These sell without any warranty whatsoever.  We’re practically giving them away (actually, it’s less “practically” and more “precisely”), to whomever feels like they’re handy with some good crazy glue.
Typical failure rates (6 month period):
Structural (glue) – 20%
Electronic – 2%
If you would like to inquire about bulk purchases (bulk rates apply) please fire us an email at

Additional Information

Weight 0.01 kg
Dimensions 8 x 2 x 2 cm

Black, Stainless, Blue


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