BoomKit T2 starter kit instructions


So this is your first E-cig and you don’t know what to do.  The following should remedy this.

Definitions and terms:

  • Atomizer – The top of your e-cig.  Glass body with stainless steel and black cap.
  • Atomizer Core/Core – If you remove the cap from the Atomizer, you’ll see a stainless stem with a rubber cap.  If you unscrew this and pull it out, you’ll be holding the “core”.
  • Battery – The battery.
  • Pull/Drag – Just like taking a pull/drag off a cigarette.


  1. Unpack your kit.  Remove battery and atomizer from packaging.
  2. Screw the atomizer on to the battery.
  3. There is no third instruction.  You’re done assembling.  Take that Ikea.

First fill up (aka – prime the core):

  1. Give your bottle of juice a good shake, especially if it’s a new bottle or has been sitting for a few days.
  2. Unscrew the black cap from the atomizer.
  3. Seriously, make sure you gave that juice a good shake.
  4. Fill up the atomizer.  Maximum 2.4mL.
  5. Replace the bottle cap and atomizer cap.
  6. Check your battery voltage before we start, by clicking the power button once.  If it glows purple, you’re ready to go.  If it is red or blue, click 5 times quickly, to change voltage until it’s purple.
  7. Now we actually prime the wick.
    1. Let the juice get absorbed into the wicks for a minute or so.
    2. Do 5 dry pulls on the e-cig with no power.  This will pull the juice into the core.
    3. Do 5 more pulls, but this time hold the power button for the duration of each pull, but DO NOT INHALE YET!
    4. Now finally, take a normal pull/drag from the e-cig, while holding the power button.  You’re done.  Vape away.

Notes: You must prime every new core with the above instructions.  Neglecting to properly prime the core will result in a taste not dissimilar from lighting the wrong end of a cigarette.  You should also prime a core after cleaning/dry burning.  The idea is to make sure the core is fully saturated with Juice before vaping.


Now you’re ready to vape.  This part is pretty much self explanatory but we’ll add a few points:

  • Drink water, stay hydrated.  Vaping is mildly dehydrating.  Everyone’s already telling to drink more water.  Vaping is just one more excuse to drink more fluids.
  • Make sure your core/wicks are always saturated with juice.  With the T2 atomizers, you must tilt the e-cig every once in a while to make sure the juice is making it’s way into the wicks.  Vaping with no juice in the wicks will produce the “wrong end of the cigarette” taste.  Yuck.  Note: The T3 atomizer wicks are at the bottom of the tank.  You an buy a T3 atomizer for the same price as a T2.
  • Do not let the atomizer run completely dry.  Again, make sure the wicks are full of juice.
  • Finally, Vape in moderation.  Like everything else.  Nicotine is nowhere near as harmful to your health as smoking cigarettes, but it does temporarily elevate your heart rate and blood pressure, as well as decrease lung capacity (decreased lung capacity lasts about 5 – 10 minutes and has no known long term effect).

Notes on Variable Voltage batteries:

All our batteries are Variable voltage.  To change voltage, click the power button 5 times quickly.  You will see the LED ring change colour.

Variable Voltage batteries (like the one supplied) have a range of possible voltage settings.  In general, lower voltage means less vapour and higher voltage means more vapour.  Too much voltage will eventually burn your Juice while too little won’t produce satisfying vapour.  This has a lot to do with your vaping style and even air temperature.  If you take long slow drags, lower power might work best for you.  If you take quick drags, you might want to bump up the power.  We’ve designed all our hardware and Juice to work best at 3.7V (Purple) for most people.

  1. Red=3.1V – This setting is too low for most juices.
  2. Purple=3.7V  – This is our default.  Most of our customers will always use this setting.
  3. Blue=4.1V – We use this setting when it’s cold out.  It’ll burn juice at room temperature, but on cold days it’ll make you very happy.

In general, if you’re not getting enough vapour, the first thing to try is increasing the voltage.  If your juice tastes a bit burnt or weird, you might want to try a lower voltage.


Your BoomVapour T2 E-cig uses a 600mAh Lithium Ion battery and is charged with a regular mini-usb cable (supplied with your kit).  To charge your battery, simply unscrew the cap on the bottom of the battery and plug in the cable.  Any Mini-USB cable.  Note that YOU CAN VAPE WHILE CHARGING.

Please remember that Lithium Ion batteries LOVE being charged often, but hate being fully discharged/run dead.  Plug it in whenever convenient.  We leave ours plugged in full time when we’re home and driving.

You can plug your E-cig into any USB port (computer, wall charger, car charger).

Changing Juice:

Just open the atomiser cap and refill.

You can generally mix any juice with any other juice and it’ll be fine, but if you want the full flavour of each juice to really stand out, either vape until your atomizer is nearly empty or rinse your atomizer with water before refilling with a new flavour.  If you do rinse before refilling, make sure to first remove the core from the atomizer.  If you get water on the core, you’ll have to “Dry Burn” the core, which is covered here: Cleaning and Dry Burning