Cleaning and Dry Burning

After vaping a few tanks of Juice, you may notice you’re not getting as much vapour as you first did.  This is because over time, the juice will build up in the core and it needs to be cleaned or replaced.  Replacement cores are cheap (~$3) and plentiful so you may be better off just ordering a few and not dealing with the mess.

That said, if you want to push your core to it’s full potential, you can usually get about 2-3 months from a core with proper cleaning.  Note that regular cleaning will provide better results than “cleaning more aggressively later”.  :)  If you’re vaping through a tank a day, you should dry burn at least once a week, possibly more.

Dry burning:

The purpose of dry burning is to burn/carbonise all the built up juice in the core.  Once this is done, you should get vapour just like a brand new core.  You can usually dry burn a core 5-10 times without issue.

  1. Separate atomizer from the battery.
  2. Remove the atomizer cap.
  3. Remove the core.
  4. Rinse the atomizer out with warm water.  Just let it sit under the tap for a minute.
  5. Rinse the core with warm water. Do not use any cleaning solutions.  To get extra clean, lightly squeeze the wicks while running water over them. This will draw water in, then push old juice out.  The goal here is to get all the old juice out.  Be very careful with the wicks as they will pull out if you’re not careful.  You want to keep them in as good condition as possible.
  6. Using a clean/dry paper towel (you really need paper towel for this), gently squeeze the wicks with the paper towel until there’s no water left.
  7. Dry the atomizer body inside and out.
  8. Screw the core back into the atomiser.
  9. Remove the rubber cap from the core.  It’ll just pull off.
  10. Re-attach the atomizer to the battery.
  11. In 5-7 second bursts, hold the power button.  This will heat up the core and burn off any remaining juice.  The first few cycles it’ll just cackle and pop, then it will start making vapour (it’ll smell bad so do this near a window).  After 7 or so cycles, if your wicks were properly dried, there should be no more vapour or sound coming out of the core.  Everything is now ridiculously clean!
  12. Replace the rubber cap to the core.
  13. Refill the atomizer and make sure you prime it again.

If you dry burn properly, and often enough, a core should last you an easy 3 months.  We have cores almost a year old that are still working like new.  Again, replacements are cheap if you’d like to just avoid the hassle.