As E-cigs are relatively new to most, we receive a TONNE of questions.  We’re happy to answer them all but ask that you please read this FAQ before emailing us.  Most of the common questions are covered here.


Problem: My e-cig is making gurgling sounds/not producing much vapour/leaking from the top.
  1. Flooded atomizer – As the vapour cools, it will condense.  Eventually, enough condensation will result in a flooded atomizer.  Try giving the atomizer a flick to force out the excess juice in the stem, and give it a few puffs.
  2. Your battery voltage may be low and your atomizer isn’t getting enough heat.  Try plugging in your battery to the USB cable and continue vaping.  If the issue resolves within’ about 10 puffs, the problem is mostly likely a low battery.  Make sure it’s charged properly.
Problem: My atomizer is leaking from the bottom.
Solution: Make sure your atomizer core is properly screwed into the atomizer base.  If leaking continues, install a new core or replace the atomizer.
Problem: My e-cig tastes like burning.
Solution: There are three possible reasons for this.
  1. Your core is burnt.  Typical life for a core is 10-20 fill-ups, depending on how you vape and your voltage setting.  If you’ve been using the same core for a long time, replace it.
  2. If this is a new atomizer/core or you just cleaned and dry burned an old one, perhaps you forgot to Prime the wick.
  3. If you have a variable voltage battery, your voltage may be too high (blue).  Try turning down the voltage to 3.7V (purple) or even lower to 3.1V (red).  If the problem persists, you should replace your atomizer or perform a dry burn to clean it.
Problem: The juice in my atomizer is dark and I’m probably not getting much vapour :)
Solution: Your juice is burnt.  This will happen with repeated refills if you do not clean your atomizer properly.  Please refer to our Dry Burn procedure, or replace your atomizer/core.