Priming a new atomizer.

All new atomizers must be primed before use.  Some vendors ship their atomizers pre-primed, but we chose not to as it results in our customers vaping juice that may be several years old.

Instead, out atomizers are bone dry and completely clean, which means better flavour but a little prep work.

Steps for priming all new atomizers and atomizer cores:

  1. Remove the atomizer from packaging.
  2. Open the atomizer so it is ready to be filled.
  3. Fill the atomizer half full of new juice.
  4. Re-assemble atomizer and connect it to your battery.
  5. Do not press the power butter yet!  Instead, take 5 drags from the e-cig without any power.  This will help draw juice into the wicks.
  6. Now do 5 more drags, this time with power.  Do not inhale yet!  You’re still priming the atomizer and it will taste like burning.  The vapour being created is perfectly safe, but it will taste like the wrong end of a cigarette.
  7. Your atomizer is now primed and ready for use.

Please note that you should always perform the above procedure with all new atomizers as well as after performing a Dry Burn.